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The Next Interface Technologies is an IT service firm with offices located in INDIA. Since 2010 we've been able to provide reliable IT support and creative services to businesses and organizations all over World. We like to think of our company as a collection of industry experts bound together by a similar passion toward technology with a passion to serve people.

We as a company encourage innovation, stress integrity, celebrate diversity, participate in local community, follow and keep up-to-date with industry standards, support the open source movement and share developments and research with the online community. We combine an understanding of various technologies, strong ethics and years of industry experience to provide unmatched IT creative services.

Government registered company, MCA B.Tech BCA MBA BBA summer training in Kanpur India.

Interactive Media Portfolio

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    Expertise Experience & Ethics

    Our product know-how, financial strength, market reputation and business acumen enable us to identify the best market and buyer for a given quality of Paper. Our suppliers find it far more time and cost effective to sell through our established sales network than to attempt to tackle a new market on their own.

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    Talasaea Consultants
    website design

    Talasaea Consultants provides public and private resource and environmental planning services.

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    Trucking Express
    website design, branding

    Trucking Express provides International logistics and freight handling services to the Northwest and West-coast.

  • jh

    Trinity Records
    website design, ecommerce, branding

    Trinity Recordings is a record label located in Kent, WA. Website utilizes Joomla!.

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    Ukrrailway, USA
    website + print design, branding

    Ukrrailway is the Ukrainian railway representative office in the U.S.

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